Welcome to my little virtual space.  I am so very glad you have followed me from my old blog site or that you have found me in this time of transition.  We are living in a very fast paced culture and I continue to strive for simplicity in these complicated times.

I am a poet who writes prose in equal measure.  My work here will be focused on observation, curiosity, and reflection upon the world around us.  My goal is that the work I share will be a narrative unfolding a stanza at a time, an essay at a time, a day at a time.

For years I wrote through my journey of raising children, developing my calling, and processing childhood wounds.  I have chosen a few of those posts to add here.  In this season, my writing is taking a different direction.  Some of my entries will be political, but many will not be.  We are in transitional times and I cannot ignore issues of inequality, the misappropriation of power by government leaders, or the stripping of civil liberties. There are a few things I am passionate about:

Gender Equality

Support for Survivors of childhood abuse

Support for Survivors of sexual assault and exploitation

Civil Liberties

The Separation of Church and State

The Fourth Estate

Spiritual Life-  Learning how to live out faith without being a jerk about it.  I speak from a Christian perspective.

Art and Creativity

Other issues will likely come up as I follow my whim.  I welcome your input and your response to my work, especially if you come from a different point of view.  I work very hard to be civil and kind and I expect you to work towards those same goals when responding to my work.  Feel free to share anything that resonates with you, but I ask that you give me credit for my words and visual imagery.