The “F” word…

*** Originally posted on 2/2/13 ***


Why did I feel squeamish to identify myself as a feminist for so many years?  Maybe because of the way those in opposition of equality spun the word to have a negative connotation.  Maybe because the title feminism itself is exclusionary.  Whatever the reason, I have made peace with the truth and can speak freely about the idea I hold most dear in my value system.

I stand for equality regardless of gender, sexuality, race, age, fashion taste, economic status, religious persuasion or lack there of, etc…

I’ve been steeped in reading about gender studies recently and my mind is growing and spinning and creating.  Most of the fruit of my labour I am not ready to share just yet, but there is one thing I want to put out in the world:

We don’t need a Third Wave of Feminism as much as we need a First Wave of Egalitarianism.

Feminism is not a bad word and I hate that the spin doctors stole it and tainted it, but I now believe it is for the better… because the Feminist Movement can now evolve into a movement that will be more accessible to people everywhere.  We have an opportunity to organize around more than just women’s issues.  We can organize around the underlying belief of feminism that suggests that men and women are equal, without getting caught in the fruitless power struggle that erupted at the end of the second wave of feminism.  Semantics are important when you are organizing around ideals and when the movement is identified in divisive language it put people like me off.  I have two sons and a daughter.  I want physical, emotional, spiritual, economic, and intellectual equality for all three of them.  So lets get to work and actualize this ideal for the next generations and stop being divided because of a word.