There are many labels that help represent me.  I am a woman, an egalitarian, a Jesus believer.  I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend.  I am a writer and I am a photographer.  I am all of these things and yet these parts do not make up the sum of who I am.

At my core I am curious and observant.  Depraved and enlightened all at one time.  I am irreverent and I am worshipful in pretty equal measure.  I find myself walking through my life aware of how broken I am one day and how integrated I have become another.  I love my family fiercely.  I am a night owl who has to adult every darn morning, so I cling to my one cup of coffee a day.  I drink it slowly as to savor every last drop.  The struggle is real since I have reduced my intake over the years.

I am a lifelong Dodger fan that recently found myself transplanted  to SF Giants territory.  That’s alright though, I still bleed blue bravely and defiantly.  I don’t care one little bit about any other sport. I love musical theater, movies, and I love to read.  I enjoy a cleverly placed curse word and I tend to seek out art that employs crude language word play- forgive me Jesus.  I’m a total story junkie.  I like my vices.

I am a social progressive and a fiscal conservative.  I have held to my convictions over a long period of time in two different political parties.  Which is to say that if at first glance you believe me to be on the same side as you or on the opposite side of you with regard to any number of topics, you will probably be wrong.  I would say, just refrain from categorizing me…I’m an enigma baby.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Biblical studies.  Right out of college, equipped with that degree, I worked with young people in the church for over a decade.  Here’s the truth though, I didn’t have a grip on either discipline until I became a stay at home mother to 3 kids each two years apart.  That’s where science and theology really become tested and applied.

Most of all, I love to create.  I love to write, which seems obvious.  I love to take pictures, especially pictures of children.  I love to stamp and scrapbook.  I love to knit and sometimes  I like to sew, though my sewing skills require ungraceful cursing to accompany my efforts.  Thanks for taking the time to read this far.